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The Importance of Bathroom Lighting

When decorating, there are three basic types of lighting to consider:

  • General, including the overhead lights you may have in any given room
  • Task, such as reading lights at your desk or in bed
  • Accent, used to highlight décor, such as paintings

How are these kinds of lights used in a bathroom?

General and task lighting may be the most applicable types of lighting in a space such as a bathroom. But that’s not to say you can’t use an accent light if you want to showcase a feature. Typically, however, general and task lighting are more important to consider when lighting a bathroom.

Shower Lighting

Have you ever tried to take a shower in someone’s home or a hotel that has no light? Especially when paired with a dark, heavy shower curtain, it can be oppressive to shower in those conditions.

Although you can wash your body intuitively, light can help in a variety of ways. It can even improve your mood. If you can’t install an overhead light in your shower, consider using a shower curtain that lets in light or install glass doors instead.

Vanity Lighting

Most close-up work is done at the bathroom vanity. You may use the mirror to put on makeup or to shave in the morning. You need good lighting so you can see details and work efficiently.

You often see task lighting configured around the vanity. This lighting may be mounted just above or to the side of the mirror to help you see clearly when you’re working close to your face.

Overhead Lighting

Of course, you probably will have other general lighting in your bathroom as well. This lighting may include ceiling lights that illuminate the space in general. This lighting could enhance your shower if you don’t have a dedicated shower light.

Popular overhead lights include recessed ceiling canisters or more decorative light fixtures. Pick the lights that work with the space but also that are easy to clean and maintain in a bathroom.

If you are looking for a home with a great bathroom setup, contact us today for help.

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