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Today’s Reality Calls for Virtual Reality

I will never forget when my social studies teacher at Millbrook High told the class that “one day people will interact in an artificial world known as virtual reality as much as they do today in person.”  That was 1991 and we thought he had lost his mind.  Well, here we are over a month into a Covid-19 environment where Virtual Reality is not only here but necessary.

Since the first of March showings via FaceTime have become that of a norm.  Zoom office meetings, client consultations are now typical.  Just this week I served as my client’s while I held my phone during a pre-drywall walk through with a builder.  The project manager spoke to my client as if he were there and not just on the screen.  We looked at electrical outlet, HDMI and lighting placement as well as addressing change order items that have come up over the last month.  All while my client was in the comfort of their home in Cleveland, OH and we were in onsite in Apex, NC.  As the project manager walked and talked I followed as a camera operator would while following a news reporter on the scene.  My phone was their perspective.

Although this seems to be odd at first, the more we embrace it the better we will be once Covid-19 is a thing of the past.  Simply put, it will help us as Realtors serve our out of town clients that much more.  It will give us a better understanding when marketing our properties that now, more than ever, video is connecting us to one another.  The technology has been available but we now see just how useful it can be in the world of Real Estate.  As Realtors, we are our client’s eyes when virtually touring a home just as we will continue to be their trusted advisor when guiding them through their next move in life.

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